BRAND NEW! iPAC Industrial Performance Air Conditioning Units

The Brand New iPAC range of stand-alone, light industrial portable air conditioning units are a great option for a flexible cooling and heating solution with WIFI control. The iPAC Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Units come complete with Cooling, Heating and Dehumidifying functions for all year round use. The iPAC-40 and iPAC-70 is suitable [...]

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LUXAir UV-C Mobile Air Conditioners

The all NEW LUXAIR range of Mobile Air Conditioning Units Feature Market Leading Technology. The Ultimate Portable Air Conditioner with UV-C sterilisation inside. UV-C neutralises airborne Viruses & Bacteria, disabling their ability to reproduce. Featuring 4-Way Control: WIFI (Smart Life App), Voice (Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa), Remote Control and [...]

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AirX Pro – Medical Grade Air Purifiers

Our Air Purifiers feature Patented Technology & remove up to 99.97% of all particles, viruses, bacteria and other airborne allergens in the room, including COVID-19. Keep your customers, staff and family safe in any indoor space with the AirX Pro range. Clean Air is now more essential to our health than ever [...]

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Voice Controlled Air Conditioning!

Introducing all new Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant air conditioning models The first full range of air conditioning with full Alexa and Google compatibility, the first in the UK! The new models that are shown below are all capable of using these features. KFR-23IW/AG KFR-33IW/AG KFR-53IW/AG KFR-63IW/AG KFR-26YW/AG KFR-36YW/AG KFR-56YW/AG KFR-66YW/AG KYR-25CO/AG KYR-35GW/AG For [...]

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