BRAND NEW! iPAC Industrial Performance Air Conditioning Units

//BRAND NEW! iPAC Industrial Performance Air Conditioning Units

BRAND NEW! iPAC Industrial Performance Air Conditioning Units

The Brand New iPAC range of stand-alone, light industrial portable air conditioning units are a great option for a flexible cooling and heating solution with WIFI control.

The iPAC Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Units come complete with Cooling, Heating and Dehumidifying functions for all year round use.

The iPAC-40 and iPAC-70 is suitable for:

  • Warehouses, Workshops & Factories
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals & Laboratories
  • Emergency cooling & server rooms
  • Marquee events
  • Temporary office cooling
  • Equipment spot cooling
  • Military use, tents, aircraft hangars

This is a unique and versatile unit allowing ducting to be fitted on both cold air and exhaust air outlets at the same time.

The ducted exhaust hose is included with the system to vent the hot air to the outside of the building along with an adjustable window mounting panel for a quick and easy set up. Our portable air conditioning units benefit from an automatic inbuilt water wheel, and can condense the water out with the exhaust air, so there is generally no need to empty the water tank (except in extremely humid conditions).

  • Versatile Unit Heats Cools and Dehumidifier
  • Auto-Restart after Power Outage
  • Automatic Self Evaporating System*
  • Auto-Stop when Water Tank Full
  • Remote Control
  • Designed to Run Continuously
  • 3 Fan Speeds for Cooling**
  • WIFI Control with Smart Life App

*Cooling Only

**Heating 1 Speed

***Optional Extension Available

The iPAC-40

The iPAC-70

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