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Easy Fit

Our Easy Fit Air Conditioning Systems include everything you will need in the box.

Our Simple Installation Guide covers each section step by step.

Even the refrigerant is included and is stored in the outdoor unit.

Plus our Technicians are only a phone call away if you need any help!

Panasonic Compressors

Offering cutting-edge rotary technology to the world

Combining the latest technology, Panasonic rotary compressors are highly praised for their compactness and lightness, while being both incredibly efficient and reliable.

Panasonic compressors are widely used around the world in air conditioners due to the variety of products available.

Hitachi Compressors

Hitachi Hermetic Compressors are products born out of many years of research. All models are acclaimed by customers as not only being highly reliable, but also highly efficient.

For the wide range of applications, there is also a wide range of models including those for low temperature use and high temperature use.  All production process are under the control of high technology and know-how developed by Hitachi, Ltd. In Tokyo, Japan.

What Makes R-410a a Better Refrigerant?

It’s More Environmentally Friendly
If your system ever leaks the escaping refrigerant won’t contribute to ozone depletion!

You Avoid the Risk that R-22 could Become Expensive or Difficult to Get When your System Needs to be Repaired in a Few Years
The old refrigerant R-22 will be phased out along with other ozone depleting chemicals and both supply and demand of this chemical will be significantly affected by current and upcoming regulations. By selecting an air conditioner or heat pump that uses R-410a¸ you will avoid the risk associated with purchasing a product that is destined to become obsolete.

R-410a Systems Can be More Reliable than R-22 Systems
R-410a air conditioners and heat pumps are today’s “state of the art” systems and utilize the most current technology available for efficient and reliable operation. The heart of every air conditioner or heat pump is the compressor¸ and newer systems are specifically designed to use R-410a refrigerant. They often incorporate smaller¸ heavy-duty “scroll-type” compressors that are quieter and operate with less damaging vibration than older compressors that operate on R-22. Since R-410a can absorb and release heat more efficiently than R-22¸ compressors with R-410a run cooler than R-22 systems¸ reducing the risk of burnout due to overheating.

It Uses a Synthetic Lubricant that Helps to Keep the System Operating Smoothly
All air conditioning systems use an oil that circulates through the inside of the system to keep all of the parts well lubricated¸ just like the engine of your car. R-22 air conditioners use an oil known as “mineral oil” that has been used for decades. R-410a air conditioners use newer synthetic lubricants that are usually more soluble with the R-410a than the old mineral oils are with the older R-22 refrigerants. This means the synthetic lubricants and R-410A can mix and circulate more efficiently to keep the compressor and other moving parts lubricated¸ reducing wear and extending their life. Also¸ just as many new cars use synthetic oils because they are less likely to break down under high stress and heat¸ the new synthetic oils used in R-410a air conditioners are less likely to break down under extreme conditions.

What is R410a made of?
This refrigerant is composed of two chemicals which are blended in precise proportions and act nearly as one within the air conditioning system. This is important because when a technician charges your air conditioning system with refrigerant¸ he or she needs to be sure that the first drop that goes in is the same as the last drop. Many other possible R-22 replacement refrigerants were invented but had to be ruled out for this very reason.

More Efficient Heat Transfer
R-410a offers some wonderful advantages but it required the manufacturers of air conditioners to redesign their products to take advantage of the properties of the refrigerant. The reason why a refrigerant works is because it captures the heat from one place and then releases the heat somewhere else. R-410a captures heat and then releases it better than R-22 did so manufacturers have found that they need less refrigerant in an R-410a air conditioner than they needed in an R-22 air conditioner. Because there’s less refrigerant¸ they need less copper tubing and can often use a smaller compressor. The bad news was that R-410a couldn’t be used in air conditioners that were made to use R-22¸ but the advantages for new air conditioners were too great to pass up.