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A 5-year warranty is granted with the purchase of your fitted AC system if installed by a registered F-Gas engineer and serviced once a year within 13 months of install / last service by a qualified F-Gas engineer. Any warranty claim within the 5 year period from purchase will need to be supported by full installation and service documentation from registered F-Gas engineers. We will also need to verify the documents. To claim on warranty, you will need to produce an installation document and subsequent service invoice/document for each year, If these documents can not be provided and verified then the warranty will become invalid. This warranty is provided in conjunction with our standard terms of warranty which are on the back of your warranty card supplied with your system.

Terms and conditions can be found below.

  • Unit must be installed by an FGas registered Air Conditioning Engineer.
  • The system must be serviced Annually (1 month leeway maximum of 13 months apart).
  • We will need to see the Installation Invoice and Service Invoices up to date.
  • All information must be correct and verifiable.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this warranty, give us a call on 03703344556.