Voice Controlled Air Conditioning!

//Voice Controlled Air Conditioning!

Voice Controlled Air Conditioning!

Introducing all new Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant air conditioning models

The first full range of air conditioning with full Alexa and Google compatibility, the first in the UK! The new models that are shown below are all capable of using these features.

  • KFR-23IW/AG
  • KFR-33IW/AG
  • KFR-53IW/AG
  • KFR-63IW/AG
  • KFR-26YW/AG
  • KFR-36YW/AG
  • KFR-56YW/AG
  • KFR-66YW/AG
  • KYR-25CO/AG
  • KYR-35GW/AG

For instructions on how to connect your unit please see below PDF instruction guide (Please note this guide is for the KYR-25CO/AG and KYR-35GW/AG only).

Connecting your unit to the Smart Life Application

The Application we have used for these features is used for many other devices you may have around your home. The SmartLife app has almost 5 star reviews on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. If you are having trouble finding the SmartLife app see the link below which will take you direct.

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