iPAC-24WS-IN Indoor Wall Split Unit – 24000 BTU 7Kw

//iPAC-24WS-IN Indoor Wall Split Unit – 24000 BTU 7Kw

iPAC-24WS-IN Indoor Wall Split Unit – 24000 BTU 7Kw

iPAC-24WS-IN – 24000 BTU 7Kw

Recommended room size of 25-42 m²

Our EASYfit split air conditioning units are perfect for both residential and commercial use. The iPAC-18WS-IN is a highly energy efficient, easy to install, multipurpose multi wall split unit and can be used all year round. It will keep your home or office cool and fresh during the summer months and toasty and warm throughout the winter.

  • Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise
  • Oscillating air vanes for maximum dissipation of cold air
  • Timer feature to turn the unit on and off automatically
  • Air filters to remove odours and particles
  • Anti-mould coating for hygienic operation
  • Digital display
  • Heat pump model provides heating as well as cooling


1. Installed by F-Gas registered installer.

2. Systems must be serviced by F-Gas registered installer.

3. Warranty + Services must be registered with Air Conditioning Centre.

Mix & Match Units to Create a Perfect Climate Control Solution

Our multi split system air conditioning units consist of one to five indoor units and one outdoor unit, sold separately, connected via copper piping. The outdoor unit contains the condenser and removes heat and condensation from the room, dissipating it outside. All our AC units are heat pumps and are able to both heat and cool. The outdoor unit of this system can also be installed using our optional Bracket Kit if required.

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All ACC products are guaranteed for 12 months (unless otherwise stated) from the date of original purchase. For more information about our Warranty click here.


Indoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 1040x220x327
Packing   (W*D*H) mm 1120x405x315
Net/Gross weight Kg 12.3/15.8
Indoor code 22022011012359
Indoor iPAC-24WS-IN
Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220-240V,1Ph,50Hz
Rated Cooling Capacity Btu/h 24000(7100~27000)
Cooling Power input W 2600(420~3150)
Cooling  Current A 11.5(1.8~13.8)
Rated Heating Capacity Btu/h 25000(5500~27000)
Heating Power input W 2400(300~2750)
Heating Current A 11(1.3~12.2)
Seasonal Cooling Pdesignc kW 7.0
SEER W/W 6.1
Energy Efficiency Class A++
Heating(Average ) Pdesignh kW 4.8
SCOP W/W 4.0
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Tbiv -7
Heating(Warmer ) Pdesignh kW 5.6
SCOP W/W 5.1
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Tbiv 2
Tol -15
Moisture Removal L/h /
Max. input consumption W 3500
Max. current A 15.5
Starting current A 0
Compressor Model KTM240D43UKT
Type Twin-ROTARY
Brand GMCC
Capacity Btu/h 7600
Input W 2045
Rated current(RLA) A 9.30
Locked rotor Amp(LRA) A /
Thermal protector /
Thermal protector position NA
Capacitor uF /
Refrigerant oil/oil charge ml ESTER OIL VG74  620
Indoor fan motor Model ZKFP-58-8-1-5
Output W 58.0
Capacitor uF /
Speed(Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min 1130 / 900 / 800
Indoor coil a.Number of rows 2.0
b.Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 21×13.37
c.Fin spacing mm 1.3
d.Fin type (code) Hydrophilic aluminum
e.Tube outside dia.and type mm Φ7,Inner groove tube
f.Coil length x height x width mm 780x210x26.74+780x105x26.74
g.Number of circuits 4
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 980/817/662
Indoor sound pressure level  (Hi/Mi/Lo/Si) dB(A) 45/40.5/36/29.5
Indoor sound power level (Hi) dB(A) 59
Indoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 1040x220x327
Packing   (W*D*H) mm 1120x405x315
Net/Gross weight Kg 12.3/15.8


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