Presenting a great, new range of portable air coolers exclusively from iKOOL. This stand alone, quiet and reliable unit is a great alternative to a fan cooler. Ideal during the warm summer months, Cooling solution for homes and small offices alike.

Also known as Swamp Coolers or Spot Coolers, iKool Air Coolers simply use the process of evaporation to create a cool environment, without the need for an expensive air conditioning system. They are simple to use, portable and cheap to run.

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Air volume m3/hr 165
Area coverage 4 m2
Power 12 W
Current (A) 0.06 A
Water tank capacity 1.3 liters
Water continuous usage (Ltrs/hr) 3 – 5
Water evaporation rate (Ltrs/hr) 0.3 – 0.5
Fan speed 2
Vent size 14.0 x 14.0 cm
Cooling pad grade 5090
No. of cooling pads 1 pc
Overall dimension (cm) 17x15x32
Net weight 1.4 kgs
Operating weight 2.7 kgs
Water leval sensor Yes


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