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AXP-1200 Air Purifier

//AXP-1200 Air Purifier

AXP-1200 Air Purifier

Air X Pro Air Purifier Systems kill all viruses, bacteria, pathogens and many other airborne pollutants, whilst removing odours and 99.9% of particle matter. They also recharge the air with over 3 million negative Ions per second, leaving the air fresher, purer and virus free.

Air X Pro Air Purifier Systems will be beneficial to anyone who suffers from airborne allergies, hay fever, Asthma or other breathing difficulties. They improve the air quality in any room or office space, making the air purer and also energising the air to make occupants feel less fatigued throughout the day.

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Model AXP-1200
Size 1413*430*127mm
LASER Particulate matter sensor
APP Intelligent Control Tuya Smart APP
PM2.5 Display
Digital filter countdown display Reciprocal 1500hrs (6 Months @ 8 Hours Per Day, or 2 Months continuous use)
Power 110W
Power Supply 110-240V/50-60Hz
Clean Air Delivery Rate 647cfm/1100(m3/h)
PM2.5 Removal Rate – 1h 99.90%
Negative ion release 24 Million per Second
Intelligent mode
Sleep mode
Child lock
Timing function 1/2/4/8hrs
Fan speeds 4
Room Area Covered 180M²

1. Various control buttons, remote control, APP control, as you control
(remote control, key control, APP remote control)


2. LCD display
Screen changes with PM2.5 index, showing green, blue and red respectively Various colours

3. Multi-fan patent technology
Adopt multi-wind wheel combination, large-area air intake, large-area air
output , more than five times that of traditional purifiers 

4. Dust sensor
Introduce Japanese laser high-precision dust sensor

5. PM2.5
Air quality Detection module Imported C02 sensor, PM2.5 sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, comprehensive detection of indoor pollution.

6. Reminder for filter replacement
Intelligent detection of filter life, automatic reminder when the filter needs to be replaced, let you use more worry-free and convenient.

7. Sleep mode
Low-noise operation creates a comfortable sleeping environment

8. Schedule appointments to customise a reasonable cleaning plan.


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