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Swimming Poole Heater

/Swimming Poole Heater
  • DIY Heat Pump Systems to heat your Pool ALL YEAR ROUND* In the UK all swimming pools need to be heated in some way to get the maximum usage from them each year. Until recently the options for heating a pool have been gas¸ electric or oil all of which are either costly to run or difficult and expensive to install (or both!). Our Heat Pump Pool Heaters are both easy to install and inexpensive to run. They also feature Titanium Heat Exchangers for longer life expectancy. A heat pump does not directly generate heat¸ it simply captures it and transfers it from the air to the water in your pool¸ providing an efficient and environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool! View Product Datasheet       Click images above to learn more information about these features

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    * Operating temperature 0-43 °C.  To achieve all year around result, you might need to fit the unit inside your pump room or green house to give higher ambient temperature.